I am going to stop putting my pictures on the Internet for a spell. Of course I shall continue making them, and working on them—great pleasure for me there—but I will just tuck them away on my hard drives.


Mike in San Diego said...

Enjoy your blogging down time.

Stephen said...

Nuts. But... I'll second Mike's comment.

Mark Hobson said...

Alfred Stieglitz came into possession, through a friend, of a group of Georgia O’Keeffe’s BW charcoal drawings, what she called her “Specials”. He was so impressed that he hung them in a back room, out of sight to gallery goers, of his gallery 291. A short time later, without O’Keefe’s permission or knowledge, he hung them on exhibit in the gallery. On learning that her charcoals were on display at 291, O’Keefe stormed into the gallery, demanding that Stieglitz take them down. Stieglitz told her, “You have no more right to withhold those pictures ....than to withdraw a child from the world.”

Good story, don’t you think?

Gary W Martin said...

Enjoy your down time Tyler, and thanks for the inspirational work.

Your Name Here said...

Stieglitz believed that having children would only interfere with O'Keefe's art, so it was a stupid (and self-serving) thing for him to say. Of course, Stieglitz was an ass, though most influential in art at that time.
So, no, it's not a good story. Just another stupid man. But, oh god, what wonderful pictures Georgia O'Keefe made !


David said...

@Your Name Here
Stieglitz did believe it would interfere with her art but not at the time referenced by the story. He had only a vague remembrance if any, of meeting her at that point.
So, an apt story.

Your Name Here said...


Sounds like the politicians currently driving the U.S. government; they have conveniently selective remembrances, too.

Overall, I believe that men >do not< have any right to control women—period. And that includes, but is not limited to, reproduction.


John said...

Be missing your visions. Hope to see them again soon!

Anonymous said...

You will be missed.