People taking photographs tend to believe that the essential reality is captured at the moment of exposure. From painters and other visual artists, I learned that that is not true; it is an evolving process up to the last stroke by the artist—even after the picture is hung for display.

I recommend watching Timothy Spall's extraordinary portrayal of J.M.W. Turner in the 2014 movie Mr. Turner.

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Markus said...

Splendid environmental portrait - with a lot of work on your side to bring this into being, so I guess. A picture for the eyes to wander (Altdorfer's "Alexanderschlacht" comes to my mind, or Breughel)

The Turner movie is certainly a highlight in the portrayal of such a multi-faceted, gifted and expressive person. I did enjoy it very much, not the least for its dry mood, circumnavigating cliché and exaggeration.