I took this picture of a sign in the window of a downtown Seattle corner grocery store in 2004.
Now time has added a whole new level of significant meaning.

Oops! I went back and dug up the original camera file for this picture:

I'd forgotten that I had changed the 'Rain' to 'Pain'. 

Now, where did I park my car?


Markus said...

Oh yes, and I am not sure what we have to deplore more: That hitherto unknown amount of ignorance at that level, combined with substantial aggressivity, or the chuzpe, trying to steer the world's most powerful country in 140-letter chunks.

And in Europe it's not much better, neither the British, nor the apple-polishing leaders of Hungary or Poland. Bah.

John said...

I'm not sure can be described as talk Markus. But I whole heartedly find it deplorable.

Your Name Here said...

Markus, John,

Appreciate your comments, but my thoughts both at the time I made the picture (2004) and now were not on the state of anything more than my own personal health.

The neon sign was an advertisement for a bottled water company located just outside Seattle.