I took this picture of a sign in the window of a downtown Seattle corner grocery store in 2004.
Now time has added a whole new level of significant meaning.

Oops! I went back and dug up the original camera file for this picture:

I'd forgotten that I had changed the 'Rain' to 'Pain'. 

Now, where did I park my car?


Markus said...

Oh yes, and I am not sure what we have to deplore more: That hitherto unknown amount of ignorance at that level, combined with substantial aggressivity, or the chuzpe, trying to steer the world's most powerful country in 140-letter chunks.

And in Europe it's not much better, neither the British, nor the apple-polishing leaders of Hungary or Poland. Bah.

John said...

I'm not sure can be described as talk Markus. But I whole heartedly find it deplorable.

Your Name Here said...

Markus, John,

Appreciate your comments, but my thoughts both at the time I made the picture (2004) and now were not on the state of anything more than my own personal health.

The neon sign was an advertisement for a bottled water company located just outside Seattle.


milldave said...

Dear Markus,
I come (and came) here for the photography, as I too think there is unqiue vision on display.
I'm sure there are lots of other blogs for you add your politics to.
Please, can we stick to the photography??

Your Name Here said...

Dear "milldave",

Guess I need to clarify: My blogs are about visual expression and communication. Intelligence and an open mind are required of the viewer. I know that this is requiring a lot, especially now, when our society is being ripped apart by ignorance and a massive imbalance of wealth and power.
Special honor and credit go to people like Markus, who is devoting much effort to tasks like providing clean water and sanitation to the neediest parts of the world. At the same time, he is trying to learn the nuances of the visual world through photography—just like you—while supporting and raising a family.

My hat is off to Markus.

The Profligatographer